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Arts and crafts

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-fancy work

-egg painting


Dr. Lehel Péterné

Master of folk art

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Our house of popular customs and local traditions not just gives people plenty of rope runs back over, but it perpetuates traditions in these days. Visitors are welcomed at regular events since years.

The public endowment for folk culture and for the house of popular customs and local traditions, Bata (Hungarian name: Batai Tajhazert es Nepi Kulturaert Kozalapitvany), stages permanently egg painting festival and professional conference of egg painters and manual (arts and crafts) artist of ‘Sarkoz’ every year.

'Macskajajj' (the morning after the night before) is the final event of 'Sarkoz' Nuptials with tasting delicious quiches and wine also exist every year. Our Community Centre belongs to the days of cultural heritage on the weekend of Museums.  On every event there are high standard of professional discourses, periodical exhibitions, folklore shows, playful quiz programmes, arts and crafts manual trainings and craft shops as full entertainments for enquirers. Through our bream (fish) festival the Fishing house (House of fishing and fisher folk) and the House of popular customs and local traditions opened every day all day long. Out of the continuous events we also organize manual trainings, arts and crafts camp and dancing lessons for schools and school groups.

We introduce the House of popular customs and local traditions by topics to children, to help schools teaching ‘mother country and nation knowledge’ as a school subject for children.



» Farmhouse, week days in and around of the farmhouse.
» Folksy dishes, the preparation of traditional folksy dishes and culinary habits.
» Feasts, holidays, ceremonies and festal habits (local specialities around Christmas).

» Hungarian National Dresses, local dresses as folksy wear.
» Farmland and farmyards (stock-breeding, crop harvesting).
» The work of countrymen, habits around countrymen’s work.
» Crops, harvests, farm produces and trade & commerce in the village.
» Crafts, trades people, countrymen exercise their skills.
» The village community.
» Easter, Whit Sunday and Whit Monday (local specialties around Easter).


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Days of cultural heritage
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Festival of painted eggs


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